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Are you wading through the jungle of the fireworks market place, exploring how and why to buy fireworks online?
We are located at: 5330 Spring Cypress Rd, Spring TX 77379.

I hope everyone is ready to have some fun we have over 300 products ready to pick up at @ 5330 Spring Cypress Rd Spring, TX 77379.  We have lowered prices to give you the best deal and on top of that we have more discount levels to help you save even more.

As the holidays approach and we begin to plan. Looking back to the memories of our childhood we ussually remember the exciting ones. Sparklers are exciting for young and old and build family, religious and community memories together. Sparklers are sold all year round and come in many sizes. Check out the different styles on line at GotNoDuds.com. These can be ordered and shipped or can be picked up your choice. Call if you are looking for this last minute sparklers …. a short drive can save the day.

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Wedding Day Memories

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Want a cool idea to pass on to your wedding planner? SPARKLERS they look cool in photos and its better than having bird seed thrown at you. Plus all the guests will love sending you off in a colorful display of light. GotNoDuds.Com has them and you can pick them up when ever you need them even last minuet. Call them they have great prices and can ship to you via UPS ground. 832.435.2283

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GotNoDuds.Com & Monster Fireworks

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Hello friends we are proud to announce that GotNoDuds.com is now under control by Monster Fireworks with 4 locations to serve you including a 6,000 SF retail warehouse to help make your holiday party the best on the block. We also sell SPARKLERS and TANNERITE year round keep us in mind for all your celebration needs. Contact us at 832.435.2283

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Sparklers are available year round from Got No Duds.com @ 832-435-2283 & 832-435-2338. We stock the very popular #20 Gold Sparkler for Weddings, Anniversary, Parties, Festivals like Deepavali or Diwali. Sparklers available in 10″, 20″, and 36″ color sparklers and gold sparklers in stock. Sparklers sales year round for your events large or small, Birthday parties, Anniversary celebrations, Banquets, Company functions, Weddings, and all other festivities. Wedding Planners and Event Planners welcome for volume or individual purchases. 36″ morning glory sparklers, 36″ gold sparklers, 20″ gold sparklers, 10″ color sparklers, 10′ gold sparklers, and soon to be in-stock Bottle Sparklers or Cake Sparklers. Birthday Parties are much more fun for the kids with sparklers, they really feel special having fireworks sparklers at there party, and sparklers make for awesome photos, that’s why wedding sparklers have become so popular, the photos are incredible after all the hoopla of the event because of something as simple as Sparklers. Fireworks Sparklers are common Wedding, Party, Banquet, Festival, components theses days. Diwali or Deepavali is the most popular and important festival of Hindu that signifies the victory of good over evil. The festival of lights is a perfect opportunity to have sparklers or fireworks to celebrate the event. Fireworks, Fireworks for sale, Sparklers, Wedding Sparklers, Diwali Sparklers, Deepavali Sparklers. All Purchases Welcome !!! FIREWORKS FOR SALE, SPARKLERS all year long

Hello folks, It’s Christmas time & New Years is approaching like a bullet train, we have had more than our share of rain. That means it’s time to get down solid! Hey last season was such a drag, most people I have been colaberating with say that fireworks sales this season will be a barn burnner for the PYRO’s wanting to get some fireworks catch up & raise a little hell. New fireworks from China headed to Houston, Conroe, Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, and more.

Got no Duds.com has booked in some new FIREWORKS stuff with vivid color that hit’s hard & breaks big ! The best buy on fireworks in Texas is at Got No Duds.com! Fireworks for sale that rock the house, buy fireworks online and save on your fireworks display.  Most of the new offerings are 500gram cakes, 3″ racks, and 4″ racks from manufactures like Forward Fireworks, Brothers Fireworks, Legend Fireworks, Fisherman Fireworks, Black Cat Fireworks, Winda Fireworks, Big Thunder Fireworks, Fire Eagle Fireworks, Cannon Fireworks, Showgun Fireworks and many more. The latest fireworks on the way will blow your hair back and pound you on the chest,  hand selected form many manufactures and distributors,  pacing a punch for the discriminating display extraordenaire  if ya know what I mean. Fan cakes, Zipper cakes, Wave cakes, Vertical cakes, and racks. Currently we are over stocked on Rockets, GET SOME! Roman candles, Saturn Missiles, Firecrackers, Assortment packs, Fountains, Sparklers, Novelties, and Artillery shells BLACK MAMBA, EXCALIBUR, LOCK and LOAD, canister artillery shells. Buy fireworks online and get the very best in consumer fireworks with us. We demo the newest fireworks to hit American soil and only buy the best fireworks from China.




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Ban on fireworks, fireworks ban, fireworks sales, fireworks for sale, buy fireworks, buy fireworks online. Thats right folks, Fireworks for sale right now at great prices and with plenty of variety if you visit our site you will find that no other retail fireworks dealer has a better selection and price structure. Restricted fireworks are as follows,( Sky Rockets on sticks) & (missiles with fins) Fireworks are alive and well! Also be careful of the names that are so different from the actual real names of the images . Hey we are trying to put this up for the people that are woke up and want to buy fireworks online . Are you woke Up? Call Me! 832-435-2283

Restricted Devices



Please folks be advised: The sale of fireworks is not banned only the sale of sky rockets on sticks and missiles with fins. The Media, mostly television is completely mis informing the public! The restriction of fireworks sales is for rockets on sticks and missiles with fins. Now with that said buy fireworks on line and save, check out the fireworks for sale at our Got No Duds.com site. Don’t wait to long to order so that you get what you want without any substitutions. Our long time repeat customers know not to wait till the last minute and that we stop excepting orders on the 2nd or 3rd depending on volume and supply to get ready for the big (wait till the last minute folks) retail fireworks day 4th of July. Fireworks for sale YES! Buy fireworks YES! Fireworks Stores are open YES! Firecrackers, Multi Shot Cakes, Roman Candles, Artillery Shells, Sparklers, Novelty, Smoke Bombs, Fireworks Assortments, Large Fireworks. Fireworks Sales Houston, Conroe, Spring, Fireworks Sales of South East Texas. Discount Fireworks Sales.

One last comment about what is restricted this season due to the dry conditions is The media is also notorious for calling fireworks by the wrong name. So be careful who and what you listen to. below are to pictures of what is restricted this season MISSILES With FINS & SKY ROCKETS On STICKS or Bottle Rockets


FIREWORKS FIREWORKS FIREWORKS! No tire kickers please, only the PYRO Extremist that demand the most powerful fireworks sold to the public! That’s right, we stock the loudest, ground pounding, best breaking high flying stuff you can get, period.  That’s a bold statement, but we have the firepower I mean fireworks to back it up!  Fireworks for sale to those who refuse to be outdone buy there neighbor.  Buy fireworks online at Got No Duds.com the Southeast Texas Sledge Hammer of fireworks sales. Discount fireworks savings 20%-30% below retail fireworks pricing from our competitors.  Buy fireworks online at the extreme fireworks store of Texas.  Fireworks display at your place in the neighbor’s  face!  Hard hit tin high flying artillery shells like Lock and Load, High Intensity, Black Mamba, Excalibur.  Hey let’s talk about 3″ fireworks Display Racks, for those of you that want to get well over 200 feet high with 80′-100′ break diameter and shock waves that set off car alarms.  3″ 500 gram 9 shot Mortar/Howitzer batteries, check out the line-up for this season – Depleted Uranium, Pounding Force,  Bring It On, Bombshell Beauty, Rack Em Up, Size Matters, Landing Force, Magnificent America, House of Blues, Shake Rattle & Roll, and Texas Hold Em ! Now with all that said, there are many other 3″ fireworks display racks, but we won’t stock em cause they don’t make the cut.  Friends we hand select all of our inventory and if it doesn’t thump right we don’t want it! All out Extreme Fireworks Stores South East Texas Fireworks Sales.  Assortment Packs, Sparklers, Firecrackers, Rockets, Missiles, Roman Candles, Smoke Bombs, Fountains, Novelties, Artillery Shells, 500gram multi shot cakes, 200gram multi shot cakes, Smoke Bombs, Spinners & flyers. Buy Fireworks Online Got No Duds.com BOOM BABY !!!magnificent-americalanding-force

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3 Size Matters 49487ac5ae0513 Depleted Uran 49487c612a365

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Black Cat Fireworks, Got No Duds.com Fireworks Stores, fireworks for sale at discount prices. Please save money on fireworks when you do business with us and buy fireworks online. Black Cat fireworks are a staple fixture in this house, please choose Got No Duds.com or Fireworks Express for your Black Cat fireworks excitement. black cat  black cat  black cat . Black Cat Fireworks in route currently just to name a few, Neon Sparklers, Atom Splitter 9 shots, Arrows of Light rockets, and firecrackers. We really encourage the black cat roll firecrackers, our 500ct. black cat roll $5.00 ea. no limit, U cant beat this deal with a stick or a Roman Candle. Our fireworks stores are equipped with assortment packs, artillery shells, 500gram heavy hitter multi shot display CAKES, and the always surprising 3″ multi shot display racks. We stock the most powerful fireworks display inventory available to the public.

Fireworks Stores Black Cat

Got No Duds.com & 1.4G Fireworks

Got No Duds.com And https://www.fireworksexpress.com/store/index.php?CustZip=77380

Store locations

1430 rayford Rd. Spring, Texas 77386

533o Spring Cypress Rd. Spring, Texas 77379

15118 Hwy 6 Rosharon, TX 77583

Main # 832-435-2283

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